The Best Relationship Advice

In this Podcast we sit down with Gia Macool, an Author, Public Speaker, Athlete, & coach. We debunk the secrets of market value for women & debate the types of women you should realistically aim for in 2023.

Exposing Fake Media

This Exclusive Interview exposes the truth about fake media. I had the pleasure of speaking with Health coach, Tyler Todt on 'No Limits" Podcast and the reasons why this is happening.

Personal Branding Done Right

Had the pleasure of speaking with performance coach, Shawn French on the determined Society Podcast. Opened up about my failures & what matters most in building a successful brand.

Modern Day Wisdom!

Gia's remarkable journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to helping others navigate the realms of health, relationships & business. Her global collaborations with esteemed athletic & fitness enterprises underscore her influence that resonates on an international scale.

Lifestyle-Enhancing Design

Marc Lobliner and I discuss the importance of healthy eating and staying active in a world designed to make you fat and why good role models are needed more so than ever. It is not your hormones! It is not your genetics! It is your excuses that are holding you back to reaching your goals.

Not Seeing Results?

I break down what I feel the top reasons Why You Are Not Seeing Results With Diet & Workouts along with my special recipe for High Protein French Toast. Make sure to to tag me on social media when you try my recipe so that I can also like, comment and share your fabulous post!

Big Announcement for 2021

Special Vlog I made to let you all know of what's to come for 2021! HUGE NEWS!

My Gym Motivation

Here is my IFBB Bikini Pro Leg workout compilation! Listen for Motivation!

Fitness Madazine Shoot

My interview with a fitness magazine & cover photoshoot with LHGFX photography.

How To Eat Pasta Guilt-Free

Do you love pasta but think it’s only reserved for cheat days?! Not anymore!

Building Your Social Media

Fitness Pro Gia Macool & IFBB PRO Ferlan Bailey discuss Q&A frequently asked in fitness & social media.

Bikini Body Workout

I train abs like i train all other body parts. Going through this routine 1-2 times a week.